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What kind of substance use disorder treatment do you provide?

As a fellowship-trained addiction psychiatrist, I provide a full range of comprehensive treatment programs for a variety of substance use disorders, such as opioid, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine and cannabis. Similar to my general psychiatry practice, if you are interested in substance use disorder treatment, please call me to arrange for a phone consultation. An appointment can be made subsequently for a comprehensive initial evaluation. I am also a referring clinician for addiction treatment programs in the New York metropolitan area and around the country.

Do you use medications for substance use disorders?

A variety of medications, such as naltrexone, buprenorphine and varenicline, are used in recovery from substance use disorders. I prescribe medications based on the most up-to-date clinical and scientific evidence to maximize efficacy. Furthermore, as psychiatric co-morbidities are common in patients with substance use disorders, I also use medications and combination strategies to address co-morbid psychiatric disorders.

Do you provide psychotherapy for substance use disorders?

I am trained in a number of psychotherapeutic/talk therapy modalities in treating patients with substance use disorders and other addiction problems. Commonly used psychotherapy modalities include motivational interviewing (MI), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relapse prevention treatment (RPT) and network and family modalities.

Do you conduct urine drug screens in your office?

I do conduct routine urine drug toxicology screening, as well as, if appropriate, alcohol breathalyzer analysis and expiratory carbon monoxide in my office. However, the results of these screens are a confidential part of your treatment records and are only used to monitor treatment efficacy and customize treatment program as necessary.

Do you conduct outpatient detox/rehab?

Yes. I conduct outpatient detox/30-day rehab for a variety of substance use disorders. However, this modality of treatment is not appropriate for every patient. Acceptance into such a program requires an initial evaluation appointment. The fee structure is somewhat different for outpatient detox-rehab services. Please contact me for details.

Do you provide IM Vivitrol ® injections? NEW

I provide IM Vivitrol injections in my office for both alcohol and opioid use disorders. This service requires a full evaluation to assess for clinical indication. Please call for more information.

Do you provide buprenorphine induction services? NEW

I provide routine evidence-based office-based buprenorphine treatment for opioid use disorder. In order to enter into this treatment an initial evaluation is required. Patient will be routinely monitored for on-going drug use. I am authorized to prescribe buprenorphine by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Prescription for maintainance buprenorphine will require an extensive evaluation and evidence for prior stable treatment. Fee structure for buprenorphine induction is different from my usual fee schedule.

I also provide sustained release depot subcutaneous injection buprenorphine (Sublocade®/Brexiadi®) in the office.

Do you provide esketamine treatment services for individuals with both substance use disorders and treatment resistant depression? NEW

I am certified to provide treatment using intranasal esketamine (Spravato®) and can deliver it after a comprehensive evaluation.

Do you work with outside psychotherapist?

I do collaborate with other mental health professionals in providing only psychopharmacologic treatment for appropriate patients.

Do you work with individuals who are in Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA)?

Twelve step programs are effective treatments for some individuals. However, other patients have difficulty participating and engaging in these programs. I work with both patients who are engaged in a twelve-step program and those who desire to use a different treatment system to facilitate their recovery from their substance use disorder. While for some patients abstinence is the goal, in other patients, harm reduction is the primary endpoint. I provide a treatment environment that can assist in making individualized treatment decisions.

Do you treat behavioral addictions such as gambling problems and Internet addiction?

While consensus treatment guidelines for these entities have yet to emerge, I do engage patients who complain of a variety of behavioral addiction pathologies. As an addiction psychiatrist, I provide a combination of symptom targeted, evidence based psychopharmacologic and psychotherapeutic treatment for behavioral addictions. The most important aspect of treating these difficult pathologies is to recognize and adapt to specific circumstances and allow for a flexible way for alterations of behavioral patterns.

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