Consulting Services

What kind of consulting services do you provide?

Behavioral Health Technology Development

I provide independent advisory services for building a complete product development in mental health, psychiatry, clinical testing, and regulatory approval pipeline. In particular, I focus on new technology-driven products in mental health and substance use, including neuroscience-based software, medical devices, genetics/diagnostics, and novel mechanism biopharmaceuticals.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • Evaluation of product ideas with existing scientific evidence
  • Technology-driven fund raising (SBIR/STTR, state, federal, local and foundation grants, private investor/VCs)
  • Advisory for seed to mature startups partnering with large institutions: academic, CROs, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical/device companies
  • Fine grained product development and identifying external expertise in engineering, human-device interaction and design
  • Budgeting and team building
  • Clinical development pipeline, especially early stage (Phase 0-II): designing feasibility studies, IRB approval, recruitment, randomization, clinical trial operation, analysis. I will work with clients who have a shoestring budget.

Behavioral Health Data Science

I have data analytics expertise in the behavioral health, psychiatry, addiction science space, and can form and operate analytics teams depending on the scope of the project. My past experience focuses mostly on large-scale organizational data mining from a variety of sources in substance use disorders.

Specific areas of expertise:

  • Problem evaluation with or without funding agencies
  • Data warehousing, cleaning, encryption, protection of privacy
  • Design of problem-driven machine learning and statistical algorithms for data analysis, data visualization, cross validation, performance evaluation
  • User facing software design (subcontract)
  • Internal and external reporting and presentations
  • Formal reporting/writing targeting funding agencies, consumers, patients and administrators
  • Budgeting, project planning, subcontracting, administrative advisory

Mental Health and Technology Education and Outreach

I have expertise delivering lectures and seminars, and designing educational material and courses on the following topics:

  • Internet and technology addiction
  • Managing mental health and substance use related issues for technology workers, especially in the startup ecosystem
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)
  • Statistical and machine learning literacy for mental health organizations and related startup management teams

How do I know if the project may be a potentially good fit for your expertise?

Very similar to my clinical practice, my consulting practice begins with a free phone interview. If we can come to mutually agreeable terms, I then schedule a formal evaluation process very similar to a clinical intake process. At the end of the evaluation if it is determined that you will contract my service, the evaluation session is billed together with the rest of the project implementation time.

What is your consulting fee schedule?

My consulting fee schedule depends on the scope of the project/context. It can be an hourly fee, similar to my private practice, for small scale projects, or a combination of project-based budgeting with or without equity compensation/revenue sharing for large scale projects.

Who are some of your current or former clients?

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